We are a 501c3 non-profit organization in Louisville, Kentucky which sends free books directly to incarcerated people in Kentucky and Virginia. We provide resources to the incarcerated and those impacted by incarceration, while raising consciousness about the prison-industrial complex.

Our project started in 2016 with the help of volunteers from the Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project (Boxcar Books in Bloomington, Indiana).

McQuixote Books and Coffee is our bookstore partner – they ship our books and receive all of our mail. We wouldn’t be able to ship books directly to inmates without their help, as most prisons required that all books be shipped from a bookstore. Since April of 2016 we have shipped 2,327 donated books directly to 362 inmates in ten different prisons.¬†

We have big plans for 2019!

In the coming year we plan to reach a hundred additional inmates and become an authorized vendor in at least four additional facilities.

We’re moving our book storage and workspace from Portland to Douglass Boulevard Christian Church in December of 2018. We’re very excited to share space and begin working with this growing activist community! Please check back for more information about our move and upcoming volunteer opportunities.